Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We open our gates at 7:30pm, but we do wait until sundown to begin letting guests go through the scare trail. The ticketbooth closes at 10:30pm, everyone has to be through the trails by 11:00 closing time. Please come early. Purchase tickets in advance online. Ticket booth opens at 7:30. Cash, Credit cards, and Apple Pay accepted.

PSA: There may be a wait upon
entering the trails

Just FYI there is a strong possibility of a wait time upon entering the trails. We do our best to get people in as efficiently possible. Here's a couple tips to make the wait a little more bearable, hydrate while you are in line, bring a friend or a bunch of friends and catch up while waiting, plan to come on a Thursday night. As always thank you for your patronage and your understanding!

How many people can be in a group?

We take pride in trying to give everyone a very personal experience, so we like our groups to be 6 people. Our goal is to make your group feel like you're completely immersed in our sets and alone with our maniacs...

How many people do you need for a group discount?

We offer discounts to groups of 50 or more.

Do the monsters touch you?

Not intentionally. Understand that it is dark and some spaces can be quite confined, an accidental bump may occur, however, none of the staff should be intentionally touching you or your group as much as you should not be touching them. Please note, that on Total Eclipse nights, the monsters may touch you. If you want to participate in Total Eclipse nights, you will need to read the information and sign the waiver. Download the Waiver

Do you accept debit or credit cards as payment?

We accept cash, credit cards, and Apple Pay.

Do you have kids rates?

Since our event is targeted more to adults young and old, we don't recommend bringing children under 12 years of age. You know what your kids can and can't handle. We've kept our admission price low so that everyone can see the show without breaking the bank. We do offer a Kids Day for those who have younger children or those who do not wish to be frightened.

Is there a dress code?

Sort of. Think about it this way. You're going to be walking on a mulch path, through the woods. Avoid open toed footwear, and heels would probably be a bad idea as well. NO MASKS. You will have to check your mask at the door. For the safety of others, leave your guns, swords, knives, oversized costumes, and hats in the car.

What precautions are taken to keep
everyone safe?

Security check point, metal detection, bag check, and no over sized bags or backpacks.

CAUTION: Strobe lights are used in portions of the trails.

Before set building even starts, we pull 6 different permits with the city. We are required to have engineer stamped drawings for all buildings and structures and we follow a strict building guidelines and fire codes. Prior to opening night, we are inspected by the Building Dept, the Fire Dept, and Police Dept. During the event, your safety is monitored by security camera, and your group is backed by our pro security team and the Altamonte Springs Police Department on site.

I have a discount or comp ticket. Are there any restrictions on when I can use them?

Discounts and Comp Tickets are only valid on Oct. 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19.

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