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This is a great small haunt I loved the set design and the energy from the scareactors is on point. I love that you can have an interaction with every single scareactor in the trails because you are put through in small groups ( one house I went through with a group of 8 and the other one was just my group of 3 until about half way through when another group met up with us) and that gives you more personal interaction something that I really enjoy from a haunt or from any sort of theater experience period. Keep up the good work guys! Everyone that works here was awesome and provided a truly great experience. Thank you!

- Facebook Review: 10/7/2017

What a fantastic event! What a fantastic event! Most small haunts in Florida are just that: small haunts. However, A Petrified Forest takes it a few steps further and made an actual event with two haunts, food trucks, live music, and actors to mingle with everyone. I actually had a reason to hang out after I was done with the event, which is something that other small haunts could learn from.
Now, as for the haunts themselves...they both had a very decent length to them, at least as long as if not longer than most hhn houses. They're mostly outside and very well done....the props, theming, and actors are all fantastic and do a great job. There are scenes that will make your jaw drop, and the Scareactors truly appear to love their jobs. However, my only complaint is the lighting...I went on a "lights out" night so I knew to expect bad lighting, but I missed a lot of great scares due to it. Despite not being able to see very well, I was still able to see enough to be impressed. I recommend seeing both trails to anybody..... they both have great scares and a few incredible scenes.
I paid for both trails plus the backstage tour. To be honest, if not for the backstage tour I may have rated this a 4....only because of the poor lighting. But the backstage tour changed my opinion, and showed me a lot of details that greatly increased my appreciation of the event. I really wish I had the time to come during a regular night to see this fantastic haunt fully lit.
The scares and some effects were definitely on par with the big events, and the friendly staff and witty Scareactors plus the incredible backstage tour all came together to make a great experience. I definitely recommend this to any haunt fans!

- Facebook Review: 10/6/2016

It was our first time We enjoyed it a lot. I think is a family oriented place, just in case you where planning on taking the fam. Its like a little halloween carnival. Employees are very nice and welcoming starting from the staff in the parking section to the staff inside the event. Honestly is worth it. We did only one trail but next time i think we will go for two. It was fun and scary. They have food trucks and desert trucks.They also have an amazing old fashion lemonade stand that is amazing " best lemonade i have tried". Overall is a great place to go to this time of the year.

- Facebook Review: 10/31/2016

A Two Person Perfect Fright! A Petrified Forest was the best Haunted House I have ever been to from start to finish. Go Eclipse Night! There's nothing like trying to grip that glow stick! Also pay at the door to avoid the extra $2 online fee unless you are going a busy night.
First parking was simple they direct you exactly where you need to go with friendly guides. As you exit your car you are surrounded by fog and can hear the screams of the people who have gone on the trail. Ticket lines were short with many booths open. When we got inside bathrooms were conveniently located at the entrance. (A high class one I might add not just port a pottys.) Go before you enter you will need to.
On the eclipse night they can touch you so be prepared. We had people tickle our necks, reach for our ankles, drop our hoodies on our heads, and literally back us into a wall for our glowsticks. I suggest both trails they are both unique to one another and fantastic scares. It is a very interactive house. Inside there were interactive unique scares such as going through a school bus, clowns flying on you, and pushing through and under giant tight space bags. If you have a choice between Horror Nights or this pick A Petrified Night. There's nothing like it out there.

- Facebook Review: 10/30/2015

We enjoyed this very much! Its low key and not very large. But, the haunted attractions are scary and the actors interact very well. This is not for people who like the larger places, like Universal. This is more for people who like a home town atmosphere, simple yet very scary scenery and outdoor haunted areas. This was our first time here and we will be back. We also went to Halloween Horrors on this trip, and we actually liked this better.

- Trip Advisor Review: 10/24/14

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